QLPS – Reaching the people other countryside projects don’t always reach

Published by Vickie Sellick on

We’re pleased to share with you our midterm evaluation report. As we are now halfway through the project, our evaluation consultants Heritage Insider have produced a report to showcase the work the LPS has achieved already and made recommendations to ensure the continued success and legacy of the project. Our community engagement activities have been singled out as a real success story, testament to the hard work of all the team.

Evaluation of the project as it goes along is crucial to make sure the LPS is offering what its audiences want and delivering on key targets set out by the key funders, the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The LPS team work with Heritage Insider behind the scenes to share success and discuss learnings in areas of the project that have not gone so well. This report will be widely shared with other organisations and interested parties, to ensure the legacy of the project is secure. We’re excited to see where the next 2 years takes us. The full report can be downloaded here or on our downloads page.

‘They celebrate all of the people that they work with or engage with. It’s really visible. They spent time to really get to know us before we even considered going up there; they came to our groups and got to know us before anything happened. That was very welcome.’

It’s about helping people to understand the heritage on their own doorsteps. We have done archaeological digs and engagement work at Copplestone and Crowcombe. That did well to engage the local village, it was about making people aware that heritage is everywhere and is on their doorstep too.’

‘It’s absolutely transformed the area. Like someone cares. It’s about time someone did something.’

‘There have been a lot of magical moments where children have let their hair down and run free and wild in the Quantocks, that has been special.’