Map of the Quantocks

The Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty encompasses a long, irregular ridge, steep sided to the west and shallower, with incised wooded combes, on the east. To the north it meets the sea at the Bristol Channel, a geologically significant part of the Jurassic coastline. From Hestercombe in the southeast to West Quantoxhead in the northwest is only about twelve miles, and the Quantock Hills proper are barely three miles wide.

Surrounding the hill is a girdle of villages which are proud of their Quantock identity – they are linked by history, economy, and their own sense of place to the open land above them. The Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme encompasses this wider Quantock area, at 194.9sq km roughly twice the 99 sq km of the designated landscape. Essentially it extends out by an additional parish from the AONB boundary.  For the official boundary map scroll down below this interactive map.

To use this map, scroll to zoom or left click and drag to move the map around. Click on the dropped pins to find out about our activities in different locations in the LPS area.

The boundary of the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme area:

QLPS Boundary Map