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  • Late Bronze Age enclosure identified on Cothelstone Hill
    We have now received carbon-14 dates from charcoal samples recovered from our excavations on Cothelstone Hill in the summer of 2021. Coupled with interpretation of the results of a LiDAR survey commissioned of the entire QLPS area, the carbon dates indicate the presence of a previously unknown Late Bronze Age […]
  • Cothelstone Hill Excavation
    After much delay, the QLPS launched our community archaeology project, Understanding the Landscape, with a two-week excavation on the top of Cothelstone Hill. The aim of the dig was to try to confirm the age of a ‘cross-ridge dyke’, an earthwork bank and ditch which runs for some 280m, roughly […]
  • Community Nature Murals
    Jon Barrett- Community Engagement & Volunteering Officer Back in December we developed ideas for a community nature mural, one of the many exciting projects that emerged from our virtual ‘office’ at the time – but things were looking very different then, and the idea of spending hours painting nature images […]
  • Digital Heritage Assistant Volunteers – Volunteer Week 2021
    Volunteering is a key part of our work at the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme and we will have many and varied volunteering opportunities throughout our whole scheme. Our work began last year and during a challenging period of national restrictions we were very pleased to be able to introduce an enthusiastic workforce of Digital Heritage […]
  • ‘Cantucuudu’ – The Quantocks in the Dark Ages
    Dan Broadbent, QLPS Historic Heritage Officer The recent release of The Dig, the film telling the story of the excavation of the Sutton Hoo ship burial, has created a surge of interest in the Dark Ages, that enigmatic period between the departure of the Roman legions from Britain in the […]