2.1 Follies and Features

This project is intended to conserve and enhance a number of historic sites and structures in the Quantocks. Some have been identified in advance, but there is also a small grant fund to assist landowners who come forward with new proposals during the LPS. 

The following work has already been undertaken

  • Dowsborough Hill Fort: 60m of waterlogged footpath have been drained, helping to reinstate the informal footpath around the hillfort, and prevent further erosion of the ramparts of this Scheduled Ancient Monument, arguably the most impressive prehistoric site on the hills.
  • The Castle Mount, Nether Stowey: Grazing is essential to maintain open public access to this historic castle site. However, the fencing had passed the end of its life and scrub encroachment had become a threat. The project has removed the scrub from the site and and replaced the fence, allowing non-commercial grazing to be stepped up. The site has subsequently been removed from the Heritage at Risk register. A new interpretation panel has also been installed at the site.

The following sites have also been identified as being in need of conservation or restoration:

  • Hayman’s Pond, Holford: once a traditional farm pond with a stone surround, now it is now little more than a patch of muddy grassland. It will be restored to a working pond with some of the stonework repaired.
  • Dead Woman’s Ditch: Encroaching trees will be progressively removed to reveal the prehistoric earthwork, removing the risk of damage to the monument from root growth and windblow.
  • Kilve Limekiln: this historic limekiln is next to the very popular Kilve beach and near the listed oil retort building. Together they are a significant concentration of the area’s industrial heritage. The kiln is threatened by the growth of several large trees rooted in the structure itself which need to be felled and the stumps killed before they fall over and tear the kiln apart.
  • Historic Fingerposts: Somerset, including the Quantock area, has retained many of the distinctive cast iron fingerpost road signs. Several are in need of repair and the project also funding to help meet the costs of repairs. Parishes will be asked to make a 25% contribution to any costs.
  • Third Party Grants: There are several other potential projects that the LPS is aware of, and no doubt more will come forward during the length of the scheme. This project, therefore, includes a third party grant pot to assist owners with small scale repairs to other significant monuments and buildings. The owner will be required to make a significant contribution (minimum 25%). For details of how to apply for for a Third Party Grant, follow the links below:
    Grant Scheme Guidelines Grant Terms and Conditions Grant Application Form

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