Learn 3.5 Understanding the Landscape

Mosaic being excavated at at Yarford Roman Villa

This project will involve the local community in improving our understanding of the landscape history of the Quantocks through archaeological fieldwork.

The project will create and train a group of local archaeological detectives, to uncover clues about the historic landscape of the area and to interrogate the archaeological record in the field.

The methods employed will include cutting edge techniques of LiDAR and geophysical survey alongside more traditional methods of excavation, test pitting and map analysis.

The timing of the various elements is uncertain at the moment due to the Covid crisis, but they include;

  • A detailed (25cm) LiDAR survey of the project area. This will create a detailed digital map that can reveal new potential historic and prehistoric sites.  This will be flown during the autumn and winter of 2020/21
  • Geophysical surveys carried out on several potential sites to reveal more about their character and extent and to provide information to allow archaeological excavation to be targeted at specific features.
  • Fieldwalking of promising search areas in farmland; we will train people in this rapid method of characterising archaeological sites by recording the objects disturbed by the plough.
  • Village test pitting in a series of historic villages, providing an opportunity for local people to find the hidden archaeology in their gardens. 
  • Four community excavations (archaeological “digs”), two on a larger scale and two smaller ones.