Hedgerow Survey Volunteers

Published by Vickie Sellick on

Join our Hedgerow Survey Volunteer team and support our Wildlife Officer in exploring our natural heritage, to record and protect our local landscape. Volunteers are needed to support this invaluable work recording and understanding the precious hedgerows that exist within the entire Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme area. 

Volunteering will include exploring the countryside and testing your knowledge of woody species and the general hedge characteristics of the area. Volunteers can use this as an opportunity to develop any existing knowledge, as full training is provided. 

The role will help preserve our wild spaces and give the satisfaction of contributing to your own wellbeing and that of our countryside. 

This role will contribute to part of a national project as well as assisting our understanding of the health of the wider Quantock Hills AONB and Landscape Partnership Scheme area’s ecosystem. The volunteer will meet like-minded individuals and have an opportunity to explore the countryside and gain valuable training and development. The project aims to assess as many hedgerows in the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme area as possible, providing volunteers with the opportunity to explore all over the Quantock Hills AONB and its surrounding parishes.