Community Engagement

Published by Alison Ricketts on

Across the Quantock Hills National Landscape and Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme, our Community Engagement Volunteers play an important role in our exciting programme of events and activities, helping to support outreach across the organisations. Community Engagement volunteers help with an eclectic range of activities, supporting on the ground, providing assistance at events, and raising awareness of the work that both the Quantock Hills National Landscape and Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme facilitate. They encourage visitor and group involvement and engagement by assisting with various activities, walks, educational visits, and events. 

Recent opportunities that have taken place within the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme include assistance at Historic Heritage events such as a Pre-History Day, a huge community nature mural, a series of guided Photo Walks, arts and crafts at summer family fun days, and much, much more. Many of these opportunities are ongoing so please get in touch if you would like to get involved. These opportunities are great ways to be involved in the fun, playful and educational side of natural and historic heritage, alongside an exciting and passionate team of volunteers.  

For more information on a specific role or other questions, please contact our Volunteer Officer, Jon Barrett or phone 07976 697770. 

Please be aware some groups may be fully subscribed or have a waiting list.