Community Archaeology at Crowcombe Court, Summer 2022 – How to Get Involved!

Published by Dan Broadbent on

Would you like to take part in our next archaeological excavation?

This summer, together with archaeologists from Context One Heritage & Archaeology, we will be undertaking a major archaeological excavation in the grounds of Crowcombe Court.

Crowcombe’s original manor house is believed to have originated in the 13th century but was pulled down in 1724 and superseded by the present Crowcombe Court. Very little is known about the early manor, including its exact location. The aim of this summer’s dig is to identify the location of the manor house and gain an understanding of the date and development of its construction.

The dig promises to be a piece of genuine archaeological detective work. A map of 1767 shows a formal garden just north of Crowcombe’s Church of The Holy Ghost. This garden is believed to have been laid out by John Carew in 1676, and may have encapsulated or adjoined the manor house itself. A late Victorian Ordnance Survey map identified this area as the site of the manor although the accuracy of this detail is uncertain. The QLPS has commissioned a 25cm resolution LiDAR survey of the entire LPS area, including Crowcombe Court, and a geophysical survey of the land to the south and east of Crowcombe Court. These have helped to identify potential target areas for excavation.

So, now is your chance to take part in a real archaeological excavation. The dig will be running from 29 June until 15 July 2022 (excluding 9 and 10 July), with a public open day on Saturday 16 July. We have varied roles for volunteers of all abilities. These include excavating, finds processing, logistics, assisting with the Open Day and more. No experience is necessary, as full training will be provided. That said, we also have volunteer opportunities more experienced archaeologists. If you are interested in taking part, or would like to know more, please contact our Historic Heritage Officer, Dan at