This is where you’ll find all our technical reports.  All are free to download for non-commercial use or for reference. If you want to use any of these documents, or any of their contents, in a commercial setting, please contact the QLPS team for conditions. Normally you’ll simply be required to acknowledge the copyright and National Lottery Heritage Fund support, but some of the data has more complicated ownership.

LPS documents and formal reports

  • Landscape Conservation Action Plan part 1. (5Mb) The LCAP is the overall plan for the LPS, describing the project area, setting out some of the issues and opportunities, and how the Scheme will address them. It includes a great introduction to the geology, history, wildlife, and communities of the area.
  • Part 2 contains the detailed project plans – it is not exactly confidential but does contain some commercially sensitive information. It is also too big a file to list for download here.  Please contact the QLPS team if you’d like a copy.  
  • Landscape Character Assessment (11Mb).  A Landscape Character Assessment describes the landscape of the area and sets out what is distinctive about it, and what the threats are to that distinctiveness. It’s a formal document but very readable. 
  • QLPS Boundary Map (1.8Mb) – shows the project area, but we will be carrying out activities and events in surrounding communities too. 

Project Surveys and Reports

Below you’ll find the documents and reports produced for the LPS for specific projects. You can download the full report here and go the relevant project page to get more background on the project aims.

QLPS Barbastelle Project 2022. This is the final report published by Geckoella consultancy for QLPS. Sensitive location data has been redacted. See project page 2.9 Batty Quantocks.

Leaflets & Guides

Quantock Crafts

Our Quantock craft resources have moved! You can now find them here